Selecting the Right Grass for Your Needs

Choosing the proper plant species within the landscape is very important and choosing the proper grass for your need is no different. As you decide which turf you need first ask yourself a series of questions:

  • How much traffic will the lawn receive?
  • Are there shade issues in the lawn?
  • What are the aesthetic expectations within the lawn areas?
  • What are the maintenance goals within the area?
  • Are there any other unique factors in the lawn area i.e., shallow soils, extreme pH etc.?

With over 40 years of trials, observations, and research we have developed a product line of our Pikes Peak bluegrass blends and our newest Survivalist tall fescue mix. Our Pikes Peak bluegrass and the Survivalist tall fescue are cool season grasses and are both incredibly well adapted to Colorado. We choose our grass blends to be aggressive and drought tolerant as well as resistant to many common lawn diseases. Below is a comparison of our turf blends.

While there are certainly hundreds of other grass species that can be found in Colorado, we have chosen the best, most adaptive turfs for high density lawns Colorado.

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Grass Name Pikes Peak Bluegrass (Order now) Survivalist Fescue Mix (Order now)
peak-logo-hover peak-logo-hover
Intended uses Commercial, Residential, Athletic golf Commercial, Residential, Special use athletic
Mowing height Low – high Medium - high
Color Dark green Dark green
Leaf texture Maria Anders Germany
Root depth 8-16 30-48
Disease resistance Good Excellent
Insect resistance Good Excellent
Shade tolerance Good Better
Recuperative potential Excellent Good
Drought tolerance Good Better
Wear tolerance Excellent Good
Annual nitrogen requirement 3-5 lb. / 1000 sq.ft. 2-4 lb. / 1000 sq.ft.
Salt Tolerance Fair Good

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