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Selecting The Right Seed

When choosing a seed blend to match your specific site needs we have many different choices to match almost any need.  We generally group grass varieties into either lawn grasses or native grasses.  It is important to choose the grass species or varieties based on how the characteristics of the grass species match the site requirements.  Below we describe the differences between lawn varieties and native species.

Lawn Seed: Lawn seed are high density turfs that respond well to cultivation and traffic.  Lawn varieties in most parts of Colorado are cool season turfs that can be grown to be very aesthetically appealing.  In most cases these grasses are most adapted to lawn uses because of their ability to thrive in traffic, outcompete weed growth, and generally have an appealing curb appeal. Click here for more information about the different lawn seeds available.

Native Seed: Native grass seed or native like grasses are generally lower density turfs than lawn grasses.  Often native, or pasture grasses are chosen in areas where supplemental irrigation is not possible or practical.  Grass population density above all other variables drives water requirements.  In almost all cases native grasses have a low shoot density and therefore a lower supplemental water requirement.  Unfortunately this lower shoot density also makes these grass types very poor choices for most lawn applications.  Click here for more detailed information about native and pasture seed