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  • -Deep root system (up to 3 ft.)
  • -Heat tolerant
  • -Disease resistant
  • -Great dark green color
  • -Rhizome activity to repair injury
  • -More shade tolerant than bluegrass

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  • -Great recuperative ability
  • -Choice of front range homeowners for last 50 yrs.
  • -Great color
  • -Great wear tolerance

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Sod Installation
Our professional crews install the fresh sod by unrolling the sod in a brick-like pattern called a stagger. Installation includes trimming and cutting sod to fit the area and cutting out sprinkler heads and other features of the landscape including trees and planters. Package 1 installation includes installation only and does not include any ground preparation or soil amendments. All other steps then become property owner responsibility.
Turf-Comp Compost
Turf-Comp Compost

Turf-Comp compost is a great choice to make your soil better for growing the lawn of dreams. Turf-Comp is a compost soil amendment that when tilled into your native soil provides your lawn with nutrient and water holding capability to make your turf more durable for years to come while saving water and fertilizer for the life of your lawn. Recommended application rates range from 1 inch to just under 2 inches. Because Turf-Comp is 100% organic matter it should be incorporated into your existing soil through tilling before planting sod. 1-1.75 inches of Turf-Comp compost also satisfies the soil requirement for many municipalities including Colorado Springs that offer establishment permits in drought conditions. Each inch of Turf-Mate soil mixture contains 3cu yd of organic matter per 1000 sqft.


Rototilling is an important part of the most effective ground preparation. Rototilling breaks up compaction in the primary and intermediate portions of the turf root zone as well as incorporates amendments into the root zone. Tilling also helps eliminate soil layering that interferes with proper water movement through the soil horizon. When possible we recommend tilling. Under some conditions including shallow utilities or shallow roots tilling cannot be performed. Under all other conditions, tilling should be encouraged. Rototilling is also specifically required by many Colorado front range communities including Colorado Springs as condition for issuance of a landscape establishment permit during drought or water restrictions.

Rough Grading and fine grading
Rough Grading and fine grading

After spreading our Turf-Comp compost and rototilling in the soil, we then rough grade the area dropping the sod grade 1.5” below concrete curbs, sidewalks, and patios. After the rough grade we then fine grade the area to be sodded. Fine grading is the last step before sod installation.

Sod cut-out
Sod cut-out

Sod Removal is done with a sod cutter that uniformly removes old sod, roots, and thatch from the lawn area. In most dead lawns this is an important stem in the ground preparation. The old dead sod should be removed prior to rototilling under most circumstances because tillers tend to have a problem chopping up dead grass fine enough to avoid a lumpy turf installation on large chunks of dead turf. If the lawn area is mostly bare soil (50% or more) or if the area is new construction then this step can be skipped and soil amendment and tilling can proceed.

Haul away and recycling of old sod
Haul away and recycling of old sod

After the old sod is cut out we remove that old sod and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner.