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In The Field

We offer a solid commitment to sell the highest quality sod available. We never take shortcuts in the field and the results are evident. When we deliver a load of sod, that sod has been manicured for over a year in our field and has been closely monitored and maintained to make it the best sod available. Quality and consistency are our overriding goals in the field.

One of the reasons that our sod is consistently the finest available is that we start with the highest quality seed available. We use national, regional, and on-site testing programs to develop the best seed mixtures and blends for the Colorado front range. Through exhaustive research we plant the best suited turf for our climate. We also insist on using only those seeds that are subject to gold label sod certification. This standard is a testing process that guarantees that the seed we purchase and plant is free of weed seeds that could cause problems down the road. Our rigorous standards and growing systems along with state department of agriculture inspection and certification insure you that you will receive the finest sod available.

We have always taken pride in being pioneers in southern Colorado sod production and that spirit of innovation continues to drive our commitment to quality today. We believe that we offer the best sod available and we are always honored to show you a tour of our production fields.