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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I have Green Belt Turf Farm install my sod and I use less sod than I ordered will I be charged for the full amount?

A.  If you have chosen the Pikes Peak bluegrass then you will be charged only for the quantity of sod that was used!  This takes a lot of the stress out of measuring your lawn.  Our Survivalist tall fescue is a special order, cut-to-order product so you will be charged for the quantity of sod ordered.

Q.  How often should I water during the winter?

A.  Winter watering, especially of newer sod is important.  Each winter is different so there is no real rule as to how much you need to water during the winter.  Most winters in Colorado though are dry and do require some periodic watering.  When temperatures get into the upper 40’s or 50’s with some accompanying wind it’s a good idea to water the lawn thoroughly to protect that lawn from winter kill.  Generally a couple of irrigations per month during the winter will help your lawn be healthy come spring,

Q.  Do I need to fertilize my lawn the first year that it is installed?

A.  We strongly recommend that you fertilize your grass within the first month of installation and then every couple of months or so during the growing season.  We believe that the balanced 20-20-10 fertilizer that we sell is one of the best lawn foods available.

Q.  Do I need to aerate my sod the first year that it is installed?

A.  Aeration is an important tool for turf management but is not necessary the first year after installation.