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Athletic Turf

Sportsturf and athletic field installations have been a cornerstone of our business since we opened our doors over 40 years ago. Our innovation in blend selection and installation techniques make Green Belt Turf Farm a perfect choice for any sportsturf project. We have provided our sportsturf bluegrass to venues throughout Colorado. We have provided sod for youth level athletics all the way up to the collegiate and professional level. From baseball fields to soccer and football fields our turf is everywhere.

Our success in this arena starts with our turf blend that is made up of a 100%blend of bluegrass that we choose for its aggressiveness, recuperative ability, and drought tolerance.

We also utilize large roll (42″ by 110′) installation to reduce seems and make the turf playable quicker. We have installed well over 100 of these fields and have become a leader in this specialized segment of the turf industry.