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Our History, Our Heritage

We began harvesting turf in Colorado Springs and selling it throughout Colorado in 1971. Since that time we have expanded our production to over 350 acres of grass in the Ellicott area serving the entire state of Colorado. We have been pioneers in Southern Colorado turf production introducing new technologies and new turfs to the Southern Colorado market. In 1991, we were the first farm in Southern Colorado to introduce large roll commercial installation for athletic fields, golf courses, and parks. And in 2004 we were again the first Southern Colorado farm to introduce the automatic harvesting system. Today, with the release of our Survivalist tall fescue mix, we are the only Southern Colorado farm to offer a choice of different turf grasses for different applications. And as the only turf farm in southern Colorado with a degreed horticulturist on staff, we can make sure that you have the proper turf to match your needs and the proper information to make sure your grass continues to thrive. For over 40 years our dedication to innovation and service has made us the premier turf farm in Southern Colorado.