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Colorado Springs Utilities (NO RESTRICTIONS 2016!!!)

Great News for Gardeners!

Colorado Springs Utilities will for the fifth year in a row enter the 2018 season with no mandatory water restrictions. Because reservoir levels were in great shape going into this spring and because of the flexibility that the new Southern Delivery System offers, the historically dry 2017-2018 winter has yet to trigger water restrictions for 2018.

During the last couple years:

  • Colorado Springs residents saved about 6 Billion gallons of water in 2013 from 2012.
  • Historic deluges and a wet 2013 and 2015 wrecked havoc on many communities but helped recharge soil moisture to make the winter’s snowpack equate into more water in the reservoirs.
  • Winter snowpack in 2013-2016 was well above average. Snowpack during the 2017-2018 winter was historically terrible but the strong reservoir levels make water restrictions unlikely in 2018.

Stage 1 watch levels mean easy landscape planting:

  • While new landscapes can certainly be planted under Stage 2 restrictions, planting grass without being required to purchase a watering permit significantly facilitates the process of landscaping and planting.
  • Colorado Springs’ weather is a wild ride sometimes. Day to day variations in weather make set day watering difficult. The flexibility to water when the plant needs it really does make landscaping easier.

The Future:

  • Colorado Springs has proactively moved to increase water supplies over the next 40 years, Southern Delivery is scheduled to come online next year. Southern Delivery will allow Colorado Springs access to long held water rights and will help remove the year to year uncertainty of water supply.