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Cherokee Metropolitan Water District

Because Cherokee Metro’s water comes from groundwater only, water restriction decisions in Cherokee Metro District are not influenced by drought like most other water providers. Cherokee Metro District has been under water restrictions for many years and will probably continue to limit outdoor watering to specified days and times for years to come. Cherokee Metro District has a fairly simple procedure  for obtaining a one-time irrigation exemption for new sod. Always check directly with your water provider before planting.
Permit Requirements
• $30.00 permit fee
• Sod/seed proof of purchase
• Soil amendment proof of purchase
• Area of sod/seed in square feet
• Plot plan or drawing indicating sod/seed area(s)
• Provides up to 1,500 square feet of sod/seed (for the life of the property)
• Four weeks of daily watering to establish newly installed sod/seed
• Commercial Properties requesting more than 1500 square feet, a variance approval from District Superintendent if required.

Permit Conditions
• Permits will not be issued to over-seed
• 1,500 square foot maximum for the life of the property
• Permits issued the day of purchase
• No post-dated permits
• Watering must take place before 10 a.m. and after 6 p.m. See Recommended watering schedule.
• Multiple permits are available under the following conditions:
• Multiple permits may be acquired for a total of 1,500 square feet. (e.g. A permit for
750 square feet in the spring and 750 square feet in the fall will equal a total of 1,500 square feet)
• Additional permits will be allowed provided they are used to replace the sod/seed
from the original permit; however, the sod/seed must be placed on the same area